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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Did you make any Money this Week from StockFundoo Trading Signals!

Every weekend we will take stock of how the Trading Signals fared this week and did we make any money from the Trading Signals. Pls see the Profit/Loss from the Signals published this week. Gross Profit this week has been 12.12% for total of 8 trades, out of which 5 were new Swings initiated this week and 3 Swings continued from last trading day of past week.

Metals were shorted en masse on 19th Oct, with Hindalco, SesaGoa and TataSteel, all Shorted within 90 minutes on morning of 19th. These metals continued to trade lower this week, hence StockFundoo continued the Short swing for metals.
Out of 5 new trades this week, 3 were profitable and 2 were losers. Biggest winner was again DLF short and TCS Long, hence Shorts made considerable profit this week on a overall basis. Pls see the table below:

Did you make any money from Trading Signals this week? Pl see FAQ on top-right on how to make use of these signals.
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