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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Update on REI Agro Stock Analysis: Bumper Dividend Crop of 50%

We wrote on REI Agro about 6 months back here, on how the firm is severely undervalued and is available at deep discount valuations. Two quarterly results are out since our post. REI Agro has delivered bumper topline results of 1536 crores and 1508 crores in last two quarters, which is 50% higher than 1002 crores in Dec, 11 quarter. So the firm is clocking a revenue runrate of 6000 crores annually and even today is available at total market cap of just about 980 crores.

Not only this, promoter shareholding has gone up in last two quarters from 47.70% to 49.59%. Now, REI Agro has come up with a bumper 50% dividend which is highest ever dividend payout for the firm. There are  existing challenges for the stock like high debt and promoter pledging their stock, but is expected to deliver multi-bagger valuations for patient investors.

Meanwhile, keep enjoying the bumper dividend yields. 

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