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Sunday, February 24, 2013

How Ashish made 4% profit in single day using StockFundoo Trading Room!

We had a short chat with Ashish, who has recently started using our Trading Room available here. Ashish made over 4% profit trading with StockFundoo Trading Room Live Trading Calls for Nifty, Banknifty and over 20 Stock Futures and let’s check with him, how he uses StockFundoo Trading Room and does he faces any issues.

StockFundoo: Hi Ashish, Good Evening.

Ashish: Hi Good Evening.

StockFundoo: So how was your experience with StockFundoo Trading Room on Friday?

Ashish: I had a very good experience. I came to know about the Trading Room through the link given on your main site and kept the site open throughout the day while I was trading. Signals started coming from the time market opens at 9:15 and I took several calls and traded to end at more than 4% profit in a single day. Thanks for very good quality signals available for free.

StockFundoo: Did you face any issues while trading using StockFundoo Trading Room?

Ashish: Only issue is that I have to keep refreshing the Trading Room page to see when the next signal has come. It’s a bit of a problem as I don’t know when exactly the next signal has come, because you are using a Blogger page to publish your signals.

StockFundoo: Yes, thanks for the feedback Ashish. We will try to upgrade to a Chat window kind of interface, so that you don’t have to refresh the page all day.

Ashish: Other than that I did not face any issues. Each signal had an accompanying StopLoss and Take Profit Level and I used these to make good money.

StockFundoo: Good to know Ashish. Let us know if you have any questions.

Ashish: One question I have is these signals are for Futures market. i.e. Nifty, Banknifty and Stock Futures. Can I trade in Cash segment also or Options using these signals.

StockFundoo: Yes, you can trade in cash segment as well and also on Options. The signal will tell you what is the expected direction of the Stock in Cash, Option or Futures. However, the SL and Profit level is only given for Futures, so you have to manually adjust the level for Cash or Options market.

Ashish: Ok, pls consider publishing Cash and Options levels also.

StockFundoo: Sure, we will. We will keep innovating and provide more useful stuff to valued readers.

Ashish: Thanks and waiting eagerly for Monday to make more money trading using Stockfundoo Trading Room.

Pls visit the Trading Room here and also check the FAQ here. Pls let us know your feedback.

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