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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quick Update on Pantaloon, Zylog, Opto, L&T Finance and Kemrock!

Valued readers have sent in these queries:

Question: I have Pantaloon Retail India Ltd., 700 shares & purchased @ Rs.258/=. Should I sell of this shares, if so at what rate & whether any chance of rates going up. Please advise me & reply immediately as I am in need of funds.

You can keep 234 as strict SL.  Upside is 300 Rs possible in next few months.
I have covered Pantaloon earlier here 

Question: I am holding 900 shares in Zylog since 2007-08 at an average price of Rs. 83/-. I had seen its valuation at much higher levels but looking at the fundamentals I was of the view that this stock is worth holding for a longer period and hence still remain invested ?

I have read your reports on the stock and much impressed with your analysis of the events and hence wants to get a response from you to my query as to whether I can invest further in this stock at this level? . The stock is available at throw-away price at this moment and is closed at less than Rs. 40/- today. As I said I can hold it for longer term from now. I am not aware whether there is any problems about the fundamentals of this company. So if possible please throw some light on the same.


There seems to be a issue with salary payment and management has not responded to this in public.
So pls wait for next quarterly results to make any decisions. A good result might reverse the current trend.
Technically speaking, now we have to look as far as 2008 to find last set of supports on this stock.
Support of 42 is broken, and 35 and 30 are the last supports. They should hold in my view.

Question: I want to know about L&T Finance.

I have it with me @59 Rs. 50 Nos. Whether it will show further more down side


I wrote about it here a while back.

Support is at 78 and 71. You can hold till 71 is intact.


I hold 500 shares of OPTO CIRCUIT @ Rs. 95, & want to know future about OPTO CIRCUIT.
Now-a-days it’s going down & down.
As per my knowledge, it's a very nice stock, but wanna know your view on it.
If possible pls. suggest the short term and long term target, what to do stay or quit.


Opto has reached its 2008 support of 80. If 80 is further broken, last support is at 63 and 55.
We need to wait for quarterly results before taking a call on fundamentals.
Upside targets will depend on its results. However 140 is not difficult to see in next 6-12 months.


Please share your view on KEMROCK INDUSTRIES AND EXPORTS


For Kemrock, promoter ownership is only 11% now. Revenues are falling like a rock and last quarter was in red.

So fundamentally looks like a shaken ship to me. However, in field of composites, this firm is a market leader in India.

Technically, 54 and 67 have given support, so if someone wants to play a punt, keep a stop-loss at 67 and take a quick long. Resistance is at 106, so that's possible levels to come in some time. Hope this helps.

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