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Monday, March 12, 2012

Birth of StockFundoo!

How common is to start discussing Stock Markets with your friends, family and boss, when someone chips in with a horrible tale of plunder:

  • I bought this Hot concept company IPO - Microfinance, Media or Telecom - and its down by about 80% now. I am scared to even touch IPOs now.

  • The telecom company scrip I bought in 2007-end, I'm averaging it since then but my investments are down by about 60%.

  • Options - Aaaagh. I have lost thousands on advice of my broker and they always turn out to be worthless by Month-end Expiry.

  • Stocks - Beta, don't touch them, even with a tad pole. Invest in Gold instead, they dont make it anymore.

These are common tales of Ignorant and Not-so-ignorant folks playing in markets and learning the lessons the hard way. Is there a way at all to make money, or is it just a bunch of whiz-kids making hay at the expense of common public.

At StockFundoo, we are eager to share our opinion, backed by Technical and robust Fundamental analysis to help you learn the ways of the Capital Markets. We will help unveil each of the situations above, how not in get there, how to spot opportunities and make money. Yes, its possible. We have done it, and will enable you to be successful too. Let's start the journey, with a proverbial small step.

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