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Monday, July 2, 2012

Your Queries and Our Answers - Part 1

Its always a good feeling to receive an email from you. It can be a simple hello, or a critique of what I wrote, or a question or request for advice, but we love getting emails from you. Keep writing at

Amitabh from Kolkatta writes:

Dear Fundoos,
While Googling just stumbled upon your site and got hooked immediately. Honestly I am a novice but your articles definitely give deep insights and are very interesting. Thanks a lot for the initiative !!
Do you give short term trading advice also ? I need guidance. Or can you suggest a good advisor?  Please help.

Our Response:
Dear Amitabh,
Thanks for your email and kind words.
Technical analysis (TA) is the way to go forward for short team trading. Fundamental analysis is only for investing, that too for at least 6 months timeframe.
For learning TA, i can suggest a few good books. Let me write a blog post on this shortly (1-2 days).
Alternatively, i will also try to publish daily Nifty advice on my blog, if there is enough demand from daily readers.

Arindam wrote:
What is your view on NIFTY now, we have gone bellow crucial psychological level of 5000, do you see any bounce back?

Our Response:
I have written a post on my current view for nifty. pls see the post here.

Folks - pls keep writing in with your emails at
Also pl keep commenting, Lets make this Blog very Interactive and not a one way Street :)

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