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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Independence Day!!

Happy Independence Day to my Dear Friends!!

India or Bharat, as our great nation is called historically, is now in its 65th year of Independence, and what a progress we have made in this time!! From a poor country in shackles which seemingly had no future, we are now a reasonable strength economic power. Purchasing parity wise, we are third largest economy in the world, ahead of tremendous nations such as Japan, Germany, Russia, France, South Korea and our erstwhile rules, Britain. This is true freedom, where our country which was British slave for many centuries, surpassed the rulers in just half a century. This points to greatness of India, and speaks volumes of what we can achieve in next few centuries.

One thing I observed this morning, is that there is superb difference in country's focus now. Its just Money, Growth and GDP!! Just a decade back, our PM on Lal Quila used to talk inanely about Pakistan, Terrorism, China, Blah Blah, national security, more Blah, Naxalism, Blah, Corruption, Blah and endless Blah.

Today our PM in his second para of Independence Day Speech , jumped directly to GDP!!

And he continued talking of GDP throughout. He talked of Indian growth, world slowdown, Inflation, European economic mess, what our country can achieve (6.5%), and reforms that are possible. Heck, he even talked of launching a Mission to Mars!

Even our headlines are continuously talking of GDP on every day basis. We are a economic focused country now, in just last one decade and instead of focusing on negative topics, everyone is focused on how they can make money, and this is what makes India grow at a scorching pace of 6.5% where rest of world is facing a 0% or 1% or 2% kind of growth numbers.

Talking of money, nothing can help you make money better than deep value stocks. Not even Realty, not even Gold. Bear markets are best bets to pick good value stocks at cheap prices and help you create wealth.
Thanks for reading this note, Happy Investing and keep writing in to us. 

1 comment:

  1. "This is true freedom, where our country which was British slave for many centuries, surpassed the rulers in just half a century." .... little correction, "without any violence, and we still carry forward the same culture".

    India is still younger, long way to go. Bet on India growth story.

    Only growth, opportunities, money and power will rule future relations. People not concerning rival relations and regional differences, only "a better tomorrow". Whether it is relation between two countries, or two persons, money and opportunity matters them.


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