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Friday, September 28, 2012

Did you make any money from StockFundoo?

Did you make any money from StockFundoo Analysis?

At StockFundoo, we have analyzed about 17 stocks in past 6 months. Most of these stocks were undervalued gems, paying as high as 5% dividend from past many years. In the past 1.5 year Bear run on emerging markets, especially India,  Midcaps and Smallcaps were badly beaten up. So at StockFundoo, we analyzed several of these stock stories and presented their internal strength to you.

Lets see how our recommendations have done, and whether you have made any money in past 6 months:

Also pls remember that many of these have paid handsome dividends in past few months.
Were you able to make any money out of all of this? Do write to us and let us know!
Thanks for reading this note and keep writing in to us. 


  1. Dear Fundoos,

    Thanks a lot for your consistent efforts to enrich all. Your performance is too good. It will be real pleasure and even more beneficial too all if you can update your outlook on the above from here. Hold/buy more/book profit/exit is needed. And on some places where stocks moved against your advice..there add more ?

    May be You can also rank them in order of prefrence from here.

    Keep the good work !


  2. Dear Amitabh,

    Thanks for your valued suggestions. I would try to incorporate your suggestions, and would try to update the outlook on a ongoing basis. Keep writing in to us.


  3. Dear Naren,

    Thanks for prompt reply! Just a view in point, in case someone missed your recommendations or just came across this site then best entries for him "NOW" can be marked.


  4. Dear Amitabh,

    For buying NOW, i think other than Venky's all other recommendations still hold good. Venky is a gem of a company and has had a good run of 53% already.
    So, stocks like Hanung Toys, Brigade, Camson Biotech, SRF, Spicejet, Ramky etc will make a very strong portfolio.

    I recommend having 20-30 stocks in one's portfolio so that a good mix across sectors and diversification can be achieved.


  5. I haven't followed any of your suggestions (ofcourse I pick two good scripts RCF and PNB last month, made good profit), but I keep visiting regularly for your analysis. I really like your stock picks, but I bet on my decision :).

    Having 20 to 30 scripts, isn't it maintenance nightmare? I am churning money within 5 to 6 stocks past an year, and I feel it comfortable. What is your advise?

    I have few questions for you (I am new to stocks - an year),

    1. do you suggest churning (medium term investment) money in this volatile market or do you prefer long term investment? I vote for first option, it practically worked last year. I have seen few scripts performing 2 to 3 fold raise due to various reasons (depreciating rupee, down turn in other sectors, etc...)

    2. Medium/Small cap or Large Cap, which one is suggestible for newbie? I have experienced good returns in mid caps, and 5 to 10% in large caps. I agree the risk factor is high in former one.

    3. It would be useful to cover seasonal stocks, for e.g. fertilizer stocks expected to well in monsoon time, similarly cement in summer.

    4. Reading balance sheets. Many of us not aware of company balance sheet formats. For e.g. a bank balance sheet will be different from a product company balance sheet. It would be helpful to cover these details biweekly.

    Keep posting your valuable analysis, I would recommend to improve search optimization. The site is hidden, not known to many investors. You may consider switching to Wordpress. Something like site.

  6. Thanks folks. I request pls refer to atleast 5 of your friends and co-workers.

    Hi Venki,
    Quick responses:

    1. Churning is Trading, and we are all traders. I am all for Trading, though in secular Bull market you would see buy-n-hold also perform equally well.

    2. Midcap, always.

    3,4. I will try.

    Thanks for the suggestions. pl spread good word on StockFundoo. I will try to see SEO piece also as well.



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