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Friday, March 21, 2014

User Query: Trading for a Living!

Dear Naren

I am 44 years old,Computer Enginner(BE-Computers) by profession.

I have tried few signal providers , but i am not satisfied with them.

Your site calls seem to be on target and I traded today and yesterday on your entry calls  and found to be almost  close to 100% success rate.So far so great.

I will definitely tell all my friends about your site.I am personally very much impressed.

I have read lot of books on Trading. I wish to trade stock/equity market for rest of my career? Is it a good decision to make? I am bit confused and little worried.

Thanks & warm regards
A Trader


Dear Friend,

Trading for a living is a popular concept in west. There are hundreds of traders trading from their homes and making a living. There are multiple markets and hundreds of products in developed markets which can be traded. Not only stocks, but forex/currency, options, bonds and commodity are much more popular in retail trading than stocks.

In India, this concept is just picking up. Our markets will get more developed and robust in next few years and trading for living will pick up here as well.

My suggestions are only few
1. Trade part time for a few years. Do not leave your day job without trading for at least 1-2 years

2. If you are consistently profitable for 2 years, then jump into trading full time.

3. Ensure that you do not have loans to take care of when trading full time. i.e you are financially stable and not in deep debt

4. Do not trade with borrowed or loaned money. Do not risk capital that you cant afford losing.

5. Trade safe and no need to take large risky bets.

Trading for a living can be done, but needs emotional and financial stability.

Cheers and God speed,

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