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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Drama of Black Money!

I learnt very early in life that a currency note is a currency note. There is no color of currency note, except the Greenish tinge it has.

So i am unable to understand the stupid drama whole country of 1.3 Billion people is transfixed with right now. Black money? Whats that, can someone pl explain.

India runs on unorganized sector, thats the biggest employment provider and everyone knows that padosi Lala ki Dukaan, doesn't has a PAN card, will never give you any receipt of any kind and Lala doesn't pay even a single penny of tax.

If that is the case, and whole country runs on so called black money and black economy, what is government trying to do, and which black money are we talking about in Swiss banks.

Before we even go there, Swiss banks do not have a name linked to any account. Swiss only have a numbered account, meaning a account holder only has a number, NOT a name. They do not maintain any file co-relating the name with number. This information is simply unavailable, except with CEO of bank, and CEO of a Swiss bank is always busy playing golf. He does not care about India, or Indian government, or whatever we are trying to do.

Additionally, the 627 names we have, were disclosed last year, and by this time they have skimmed the account and there is no money lying there. I don't think Indians have only 627 accounts, probably its more like thousands of numbered accounts, without a name or nationality stamped on it.

How will you recover this money, even if you get the names and account. Will you attack Swiss banks with a Prithvi missile?

How stupid can we Indians get? Is there a limit to our stupidity? Swiss CEOs might be simply laughing at us, while they play Sunday morning Golf today morning.

If we need to eradicate this problem, lets first look inside, not outside. Fix the tax rate slabs, the complexity of Tax exemptions and laws, have flat income tax rate on all and be strict in implementation. Currently only people paying tax at those who have no other option like salaried class, which are taxed at source.

Stop this Stupidity.

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