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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Why Mary Kom is a great movie to watch! And why it will make you a better Trader!

It was a great experience watching "Mary Kom" movie today afternoon. The thought that a trader's life is so much similar to that of boxer kept creeping in my head, throughout the movie.

Mary Kom - five times amateur world boxing champion - is a story of hard work, grit, determination, tears, blood oozing out of your lips and much more. It is a single person standing against system, punching in and out, taking punches on your face and bowing to acknowledge them and moving on.

It is a story that is capable of moving you, creating knots in your stomach, moving you like no other movie will move you. It is the story of one of the greatest Indian sportswomen of our times.

Boxing is a tough sport. But it is a sport, not a battle, like Mary's coach warns her very early on. Like Trading. It is a art and science. It is a battle of wits, speed and concentration against your opponent. The greatest of traders take punches. They bleed and they lose. The secret is to stay on, keep fighting and live to trade another day.

The secret to becoming a great trader is embedded in the movie. It is to struggle against markets, against millions of algorithms running in the market, it is to be nimble and guess opponent's next move and it is to follow the rules. And train hard.

Watch the movie. It will make you a better trader!

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